Steel Family Holdings acquires Fire Detection Devices


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Canadian-based Steel Family Holdings (SFH) has acquired Fire Detection Devices Ltd.

Fire Detection Devices Ltd. has offered heat detection solutions for over 50 years, and includes the most reliable spot-type heat detectors on the market today. For many in the fire alarm industry, conventional heat detectors are easily recognized by their distinctive heat collecting disc. This design was the brainchild of Jack Duggan. In 1962, Jack incorporated Fire Devices Manufacturing Limited, and began manufacturing his patented design. The “Thermoflex” brand has been made in Canada, by Canadians ever since.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Fire Detection Devices Ltd., a known and trusted Canadian brand, into the SFH group of companies”, said Jason Steel, President. “Our goal with this new venture is to build on the legacy of this industry pioneer, by investing in the original patented heat detector, to make it even more accessible to the market.”

“The past two years have been challenging for those in the manufacturing sector,” said Patricia Duggan, President of Fire Detection Devices. “This shift in the landscape inspired us to find someone who could carry on the work our father, Jack Duggan began over sixty years ago. We feel very fortunate to have met Jason Steel, and we believe SFH will not only continue to produce quality heat detectors but will take Jack’s vision to another level.”

Over the last 5 years SFH has acquired Serva-Lite Sales, SOTA Battery and Battery2000. The company continues to maintain the highest level of service and product quality, growing the business of customers across Canada and throughout North America and other export markets.

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