Structurus releases new software for chiefs and training managers


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UK-based technology and project management company Structurus developed the first subscription-based training software for fire chiefs and training managers.

STRX is an effective training tool intended to replace tabletop exercises and PowerPoint presentations, as well as providing an immersive yet cost-effective alternative to complex command and control software.

The company says they have identified a gap between traditional training and expensive technology solutions. According to Structurus, the available training solutions on hand have limited and repetetive scenario options, and instructors do not have the flexibility to create as many training scenarios as they would like.

Better training for everyone, everywhere

With STRX, training managers and fire chiefs can create as many scenarios as they would like in less than 5 minutes. They can swiftly switch between different settings, and with the online multi-user functionality, they are able to add colleagues from different locations to join the same training session. With a click of a button, they can add content from a diverse library of scenarios and hazards; which are designed to replicate their real settings. Training managers can talk, chat, and collaborate with their teams locally and remotely all through the same platform so there is no need to use another software.

To facilitate such a versatile training platform at a low cost, Structurus says they followed a “software as a service subscription” model whereby customers choose from 3 different levels according to their training need and team size.

Structurus states, “We have simplified the process of building interactive virtual training environments for everyone working in a high-hazard industry, so that better training experiences can be delivered to their teams. With STRX, the new training experience platform, we aim to improve the quality of training being delivered at every location – be it an oil company, a training institution, or an airport.”

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