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New charity donates life-saving suppression equipment


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A new charitable non-profit organisation has started that will make donations of life-saving fire suppression equipment around the globe, initially to police, military, emergency services and firefighters.  As contributions build – most expected from support from the property & liability insurance industry and others who want to protect people, pets and property in peril – FR+ will begin making donations to schools, healthcare and religious institutions, the Arts, and more!  Equipment has already been donated to the Hartland Wisconsin Fire Department with events being planned for major donations to several large U.S. cities and the U.S. military initially.

FR+ Chairman and President, John Black Sr., CPCU, stated, “The equipment we will donate primarily consists of hand-held emergency fire suppression tools – both aerosol and powder.  These tools will help protect people, pets and property.  As we begin what will be an incredible journey, we feel humbled and blessed to be allowed to work with so many great people – heroes really – helping and supporting other heroes.”

CEO Faustino Bernabo, of FR+’s strategic partner, Elide Fire USA of New York, New York stated, “Our devices are self-contained generators of fire suppression powder.  Our devices have a long “shelf life” – over 7 years – so maintenance is tremendously reduced.  Unlike a fire extinguisher, they do not require anyone to fight a fire.  After some training – for proper use and deployment – First Responders learn to simply THROW AND GO!™ and get people and pets away from the danger.”

Since first responders are all over the globe, risking their lives to save others, FR+ plans to make donations worldwide.  Affiliates, so far, are in over 75 countries, and by partnering with the insurance industry this reach will quickly expand.  The equipment is especially useful in areas where water is scarce, or fire suppression infrastructure is lacking.

Steve Franklin, COO of insurance software services provider Sunlight Solutions of Minneapolis, Madison, and Paris, France was so impressed with the new charity his company has joined a small anonymous group to make an initial capital contribution to be used in a matching donation challenge.  For the next 30 days Sunlight and Group will match up to $250,000, and plans to make a similar match each year for the next decade.  Additionally, the company providing software to manage the charity’s logistics and infrastructure.  Mr. Franklin commented, “What FR+ is going to do will simply change the world for the better.  And we believe the insurance industry should join us in this effort as all of us will benefit from the fire risk mitigation and overall goodwill!”  

Such a donation, with expected matching, will purchase over 3,000 life-saving devices, avoiding hundreds of millions of dollars of insured losses as well as saving thousands of lives. 

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