Supreme Concrete launches High Fire Rated Lintels

High Fire Lintel with flames (1)

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Supreme Concrete, part of Ibstock, has launched a new range of High Fire Rated Lintels, including Extreme Fire Rated Lintels, that maintain 300-minute load bearing capacity in intense fire conditions. This makes Supreme Concrete one of the only manufacturers in the UK to provide such an extensive offering of accredited lintels.

The high-performance range has undergone comprehensive third-party testing and complies with all recognised industry specifications to provide construction professionals with a portfolio of resilient concrete lintels that deliver unrivalled performance and compliance.

This includes five-hour fire rated lintels that maintain 300-minute load bearing capability, when subject to fire conditions, in addition to lintels with 90 minute and 120-minute load bearing capabilities, when subject to intense fire conditions.

Gavin Hoe, Sales Director for Supreme Concrete, said: “As a trusted and experienced supplier of essential building components, Supreme Concrete is recognised throughout the industry as setting the standard for quality and compliance.

“The development of our new High Fire and Extreme Fire Rated Lintels ranges reflects our continued dedication to providing construction professionals with the very latest innovations in fire integrity products that deliver first class performance. Buildings are designed to withstand actions from numerous anticipated hazards to ensure life and structural safety, and our new concrete lintels are proven to ensure the structural stability of a building during fire exposure, whilst successfully containing fire spread for the allocated time period.”

The new Fire Rated lintels ranges conform to the NBS BIM Object Standard and advice will be provided by Supreme Concrete specialists to ensure that the correct lintel is specified for the chosen application. Supreme Concrete’s in house team will also work together with architects and specifiers across a comprehensive range of projects to deliver training and technical support requirements.

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