Survitec revolutionises ship safety with integrated fire defence system

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Global Survival Technology provider, Survitec, has unveiled a state-of-the-art safety management solution aimed at significantly enhancing onboard ship safety. This revolutionary solution, dubbed Safety Management and Rapid Response Technology Interface (SMARR-TI), boasts an interactive graphical monitoring interface that seamlessly integrates fire detection and suppression systems.

Conceived in collaboration with Turkish shipyard, Tersan, and Norwegian firm, Havila Voyages, SMARR-TI has already been implemented on two 15,500gt passenger ships.

Enabling swift action

Rafal Kolodziejski, Head of Product Support and Development at Survitec, said: “SMARR-TI is unique in that it can integrate both fire detection and fire suppression systems within one easy-to-use solution; there is currently no other digitised safety monitoring solution like this. What sets it apart is that it is interactive. The aim is to give early warning of changes in a quick and effective way, and then to enable swift action to prevent a fire from happening.”

Exceeding the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirements, SMARR-TI provides an interactive digital representation of the entire ship’s fire defence mechanisms, including fire prevention, detection, and suppression.

The system’s functionality is optimised via a 27-inch touchscreen monitor located in the control room and bridge. Through this interface, the crew can effortlessly monitor the ship’s fire defences, receiving real-time status alerts regarding temperature fluctuations or the presence of smoke or flame. In such an event, SMARR-TI activates automatically, triggering a series of responsive actions including sounding the alarm, shutting down ventilation, activating CCTV cameras, and sending signals to the alarm monitoring system, SMS interface, and public announcement system.

Digital graphical monitoring

Vassilis Georgossopoulos, Sales Manager, Newbuild, Survitec, revealed: “The idea for a digital graphical monitoring system was already being developed by our engineers when we won the contract for the first Havila vessel. We realised that the ship’s profile fitted perfectly with the concept. The yard and owner agreed, and we started developing this as part of the project.”

As part of the agreement, Survitec provided Tersan with a comprehensive fire safety package for two new Havila Voyages’ ships, Havila Capella and Havila Castor. Notably, Havila Capella features the world’s largest battery pack installed on a passenger ship and was the recipient of the prestigious Next Generation Ship Award at Nor-Shipping 2022.

“Survitec’s proposal was exactly what we required for the Havila ships,” said Adnan Barış Arda, Project Manager, Tersan. “SMARR-TI acts as a ‘vessel monitoring brain’. Building new systems is a tough process, especially on a prototype vessel, and an open dialogue is the key to success.”

Future installations

Following the successful collaboration, Survitec has received additional orders, with further plans for installation on the Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, set for delivery by summer 2023.

The company has also secured contracts with Turkey’s Cemre shipyard, with plans to offer SMARR-TI as an additional option in their safety packages installed on a Norwegian fishing vessel and a Danish passenger ferry.

Survitec will be showcasing SMARR-TI at the upcoming Nor-shipping trade fair, held in Lillestrøm, Norway, from the 6th to the 9th of June, in Hall C on Stand C02-46.

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