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Avon Protection launch Tactical Mask Communications solution

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Avon Protection have announced the launch of the Tactical Mask Communications (TMC) System, a communications solution for customers to interface between their headsets to the Avon series Air Purifying Respirator.

TMC is designed for users of Avon Respiratory Protection Equipment who require a simple yet scalable Tactical Communications solution when “masked up”. 

Designed to provide the user with clear and effective communications with wearing an Avon APR, the system is compatible with most radios and tactical headsets. The TMC is simple to configure, install and use, with a range of connectors, press to talk units and headsets to meet any requirement and support operational readiness.

As world leaders in the field of Respiratory Protection for First Responders and Military personnel, Avon Protection continue to grow our product range to reflect the real world needs of our users with a system designed to help them further develop operational capability while wearing our equipment in the harshest of environments. 

Commenting on the development of the TMC system, Colin Horne, Product Manager, said: “Simple, reliable and clear communications are key to success in any military and law enforcement operation, but historically, we’ve seen a lot of confusion and over-complication around Tactical Communications systems for APR users. We are extremely excited to be bringing a fresh approach by launching a range of robust products which are simple to understand, easy to adopt but all focused on ensuring operators can maintain communications whether they are wearing a respirator or not.”  

Commenting on the launch of the TMC system, Thomas Korb, Director of Global Product Management, at Avon Protection, said:  

“The new product launch of the Avon Tactical Mask Communications (TMC) system further reinforces our commitment to listen to the requirements of our customers by delivering a configurable communication offering that provides maximum reliability while meeting the ever-changing mission profiles of our user groups.”

Launching now in the Americas only.

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