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firefighting foam in action

Market Analysis: The future of firefighting foam

The firefighting foam market witnesses steady growth, driven by evolving industry needs and environmental concerns The ever-growing emphasis on fire ...

The evolution of firefighting foam

John Ottesen, CEO and Founder of Fomtec, navigates the complexities of the transition to fluorine free foam In the rapidly ...

Toxic incidents: The real world impact of PFAS-containing foam

Vicki Quint from the Foam Exposure Committee highlights the impacts of PFAS-containing foam from two incidents in Illinois Laws and ...

Firefighting foam market projected to reach $913 million by 2026

Global growth driven by shift towards environmentally safe products and rising fire-related incidents The global firefighting foam market is expected ...
firefighting foam in action

BIOEX introduces eco-friendly alternative to traditional firefighting foam

Global transition to fluorine-free firefighting foam In response to environmental and safety concerns, there’s a global shift underway in the ...

FDSA bulletin explains Right-to-Know Regulation

The latest Fire Dept Service Announcement (FDSA) bulletin has provided an explanation over the US State “Right-to-Know Regulation” on Safety ...
public safety

FDSA raises awareness of PFAS in C6 products

The latest Fire Dept Service Announcement (FDSA) bulletin has raised the awarness of PFAS in C6 products. It said that ...

JOIFF announces date for Digital Foam Summit

The JOIFF Digital Foam Summit, a one-day DIGITAL event covering all aspects of the Firefighting Foam Transition from AFFF to ...

Guidance published on Class B Firefighting Foam containing Persistent Organic Pollutants

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has published guidance on Class B Firefighting Foam Containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) As stressed ...

CTIF calls for 10-year extension for fluorine-free foam transition

The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) has called on the EU to give a 10-year extension for ...
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