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M Eye MAgirus Drone

Magirus introduces "M-Eye" UAV for enhanced safety in rescue operations

A new aerial perspective for emergency services Magirus, a renowned name in the emergency response sector, has announced the launch ...
2023-02-07_Turntable ladders handover_Italian MOI_Pic 1 bis

Magirus Italia delivers turntable ladders to Ministry of the Interior

On January 26, 2023, the Ministry of the Interior received 42 vehicles from Magirus Italia in a ceremony in Brescia, ...
2022-07-04 Magirus PR_Handover FireBull Ceara_Pic 06

Brazilian fire service welcomes Magirus FireBull to its fleet

The Brazilian state of Ceará has received its first FireBull from Magirus. A delegation with high-ranking representatives of the Governor, ...
Magirus Wolf R1 tactical response robot in operation in a production line

IFSJ Exclusive: Next Generation Firefighting vehicles

Magirus talks about how firefighting is entering a new level of efficiency and safety with tactical robots, drones and digital ...
2022-05-05 Magirus_PR, Waldbrandfahrzeuge Niederösterreich_Pic 1

Magirus completes delivery of 17 fire engines to Austria's Provincial Fire Brigade

During the Florianifeier festivity on 4 May 2022, the Provincial Fire Brigade Association of Lower Austria received 17 new Magirus ...
2022-03-16 Magirus PR_Annoucement Interschutz Ukraine_Pic 03

Magirus will not participate in Interschutz 2022

In a major development, German truck manufacturer Magirus has announced it will not participate in this year’s Intershutz. The firm ...

Gallery: New Magirus products launched at SICUR 2022


Magirus shows what the new FireBull can do

Launch of the world’s first production-ready tracked fire engine, the Magirus FireBull combines efficient AirCore extinguishing technology, flexible superstructure options ...
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