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Kidde Commercial Arman Saeidnia

IFSJ Exclusive: Igniting a new era with Kidde Commercial

Arman Saeidnia, General Manager for the Kidde Commercial Fire business in Europe and Africa, discusses the future of the company ...
Kings Secure Technologies Darren Gamage.jpg

IFSJ Exclusive: Fanning the flames of success

Darren Gamage, Group Chief Operating Officer at Kings Secure Technologies sits down with IFSJ Editor Iain Hoey to discuss the ...
ASFP Guidance

ASFP sets the standard for passive fire protection with new Advisory Notes

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has announced the release of three new Advisory Notes (AN) and an updated ...
Rockwool FIREX story image

ROCKWOOL to preview latest products at FIREX 2023

Insulation manufacturer ROCKWOOL is set to showcase its latest fire protection solutions at FIREX 2023 which takes place from 16-18 ...
group of workers looking up a high rise construction skyscrapers

The Formula for Competency with Quelfire

Craig Wells, Sales Director at Quelfire, talks competency, communication and doing your due diligence In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, competency is ...

Quelfire launches passive fire protection for service penetrations in buildings training

Quelfire, a leading provider of passive fire protection solutions, has announced the availability of their CPD training titled “Effective Passive ...
PR 277 Intro Course square

ASFP updates online passive fire protection training

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has updated its generic Online Introduction to Passive Fire Protection. The course provides ...

Firestopping: The cost of not getting it right the first time around

By Rebecca Croton, Content Marketing Executive at Quelfire Have you ever wondered why we charge what we do for our ...
PR278 ASFP Award Winners

ASFP names Passive Fire Protection Award Winners

The winners of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) 2022 Passive Fire Protection Awards were announced at the Association’s ...

IFSJ Exclusive: Quelfire talks firestopping compliance

IFSJ spoke to Craig Wells, Sales Director at Quelfire, to discuss firestopping compliance Tell me a little about Quelfire? Quelfire ...
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