TBA Firefly’s Apollo Lite provides half hour fire protection at Surrey research building

Fire barriers

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A specialist contractor undertaking all of the fireproofing within a new medical research building in Surrey has made use of two flexible fire barrier products from the TBA FIREFLY’s range to provide 30 minutes protection within the majority of the ceiling voids throughout the four-storey structure.

Dartford based CLM Fireproofing has employed APOLLO Lite and the Collaroll product in tandem to protect the ceiling voids. The spaces which typically house pipework, power cables and air conditioning units above the suspended ceiling grid, are provided with 30 minutes integrity and insulation through the installation of the flexible APOLLO Lite barrier.

The Site Agent for CLM Fireproofing, Virginjus Pasvenkas, commented: “We are carrying out all of the fire-proofing work within this new facility on behalf of the main contractor, ISG, employing a wide variety of fully certified products. In the case of the APOLLO Lite, it is one of the systems specified by the fire engineer for the project as part of the fire strategy and FIREFLY provided us with detail drawings in order to suit this application – forming a cavity barrier in the void above the ceiling.

“A number of our operatives have also received training in the past from the manufacturer; though the system is quite straightforward to install. We are also using the Collaroll for protection around where pipes, cable trays and trunking penetrate the barriers. Work is progressing well, and we expect to complete on schedule this December.”

The APOLLO Lite 30/30 has been developed for use in vertical separation or compartmentation situations, offering both 30 minutes integrity and insulation, thereby exceeding the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations. It is widely specified to form fire barriers within roof voids in many different property types, including healthcare, commercial and social housing.

The flexible woven material is easy to cut and fix and is chemically treated to improve its cooling properties, and therefore prevent temperatures rising in adjoining areas. The system has been fully tested to BS 476 Parts 6.7, 20 & 22 and is third party certified by IFCC.

Six metre long rolls of APOLLO Lite 30:30 have a minimum thickness of 6mm and are installed using stainless steel staples as well as high temperature adhesive. Collaroll comes in a roll which unwraps to 10m long x 300mm wide with a sewn in skirt. The skirt can be moulded to shape to seal it neatly to the upright barrier which is usually at 90 degrees to the Collaroll and fixed into place using the high temperature adhesive.

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