In-house manufacturing excellence drives quality at Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

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Industry-certified processes, stringent quality control, dedicated workforce skills and the latest production technologies underpin manufacturing excellence at Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection. Comprising the Teledyne Oldham Simtronics, Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments and Teledyne Detcon brands, the company’s meticulously designed and controlled production operations help impart its core product attribute: safety.

Robust and quality-centric manufacturing processes ensure that products perform their designated function, be it site protection, area monitoring or personal protection, in a failsafe manner. At three highly-specified manufacturing sites in France, the UK and the US, Teledyne produces a market-wide range of gas and flame detection solutions to meet the requirements of customers across all industry sectors.

Product quality and reliability equate to customer trust. But delivering these attributes relies on robust manufacturing processes. At Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, production operations leverage the experience of a history in manufacturing that dates back more than a century. Of course, locations and facilities have changed over the years, but production capacity today is a global concern that embraces Teledyne Oldham Simtronics (Arras, France), Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments (Renfrew, UK) and Teledyne Detcon (Cypress, US), with each facility supported by expert staff and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

he Arras headquarters and manufacturing plant of Teledyne Oldham Simtronics is located in the Hauts-de France region. Market leader in France for gas detection, the brand is also strong across Europe, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, Africa and Asia.

Covering an area of 5,552 m2, the Teledyne Oldham Simtronics’ plant includes 3,379 m2 of workshop and warehouse space. Manufacturing class-leading products since 1948, the factory’s track record of production excellence centres on its accreditations, which include ISO9001 for quality, ISO14001 for environmental management and ISO45001 for health and safety. The plant benefits from an advanced in-house manufacturing engineering team that creates the software, tools and machines required by production.

With over 100 highly capable employees on site, some 75,000 gas and flame detectors and controllers are ‘Made in Arras’ every year. Each one provides customers with highly capable and dependable performance to ensure complete protection.

UK manufacturer

Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments is the number one supplier of gas leak detectors to the UK natural gas distributor sector, and a key player in the industrial portable gas detection market with over 300,000 high-quality instruments delivered. Ideal for use in challenging industries such as gas utilities, chemical, shipping, brewing, construction, defence, nuclear, petrochemical, papermaking, refining and telecoms.

Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments is also prominent across Europe and North America. Producing trustworthy, proficient products is key to building further on the brand’s established reputation for providing customers with assured protection. The company’s production facility is located in Renfrew, near Glasgow, where its portable gas detection and measurement devices have been manufactured in the UK since 1947. Spanning 2,230 m2, the site boasts
ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accreditations.

Additionally, Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments is an active member of many global gas associations, including the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (UK), the American Gas Association (USA) and the Canadian Gas Association. The company was also a founding member of the Council for Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring (CoGDEM) in Europe.

There are around 80 knowledgeable employees at Renfrew including 35 fully cross-trained assembly
operators. In particular, the site is notable for its high-end production technologies.

US manufacturer

Teledyne Detcon has its 2,929 m2 headquarters in Cypress, near Houston, from where it manufactures over 15,000 industry-leading fixed gas detectors, control systems and analysers every year. The advanced site is ISO9001-certified and carries accreditations to IECEx and Intertek. Extremely proud of its ‘manufactured in the US’ heritage, which extends back to 1983, the brand is well known in North America, the Middle East, CIS countries and Asia. With 32 expert employees, Teledyne Detcon also has extensive experience in cell manufacturing and wireless technology.

Proven design (and manufacturing)

Each Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection manufacturing site houses its own customer service, technical support, engineering and R&D functions, all staffed by personnel with considerable industry experience and long service within the business. These employees nurture established professional relationships with customers, adding value with their know-how and market awareness.

Furthermore, throughout the Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection business, inherent flexibility means the team can react accordingly to customer requirements as they evolve. Offering one of the most extensive gas and flame detection portfolio on the market,

Teledyne has in-country approvals and certifications for most products. A proven range of accomplished and convincing measurement, detection and wireless technologies, alongside the unrivalled skills and innovation of employees, ensures Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection can meet the safety and protection requirements of all applications.

The company’s rugged yet reliable and precise gas and flame detection products offer fast response times, durability and intrinsically safe instrumentation. With excellence in manufacturing at the heart of its customer offer, Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection will continue providing products that support and protect workforces, assets, operations and the environment.

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