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Telgian announces recipient of the Pat Ryan Team Spirit Award

2020 Pat Ryan Award Winner Branko Mitkovski, Executive Chairman Russell Leavitt and CEO James Tomes

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Telgian have recently announced Branko Mitkovski is the recipient of the 2020 Pat Ryan Team Spirit Award. The award is the most prestigious honour bestowed at Telgian each year and was created in memory of former Telgian associate Pat Ryan.

This award recognizes the spirit of teamwork and it is presented annually to the Telgian Team Associate who best embodies Pat Ryan’s legendary example.

“It is a great honor to present the Pat Ryan Team Spirit Award,” says Telgian Executive Chairman Russell Leavitt. “We are blessed with hundreds of deserving associates which makes the decision most difficult, but incredibly rewarding.”

Essential member

This year’s recipient, Branko Mitkovski, is the company’s Director of Information Technology and is a 22-year veteran of the firm. As an essential member of the Telgian team, Mitkovski is responsible for managing the entire IT infrastructure across all offices throughout the country and abroad.

In addition, he handles server issues, equipment purchases, software updates and implements switches, firewalls and servers. Although he says, “My goal is always to do my job well enough that people aren’t even conscious of what I’m doing behind the scenes,” his teammates are highly aware of the incredible value he brings.

“I love my job and enjoy being able to help people in any way I can. It truly makes me smile when I know I’ve made a difference to someone, be it large or small,” says Mitkovski. In addition to Mitkovski, two other finalists were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the company. These include Account Manager Cecilia Lopez and Security Designer John Carosello

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