TFT releases new Extend-A-Gun VP


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When TFT introduced the Extend-A-Gun telescoping waterway series, it revolutionized the way monitors could be utilized on fire apparatus. Extend-A-Guns allow deck mounted monitors to easily raise from a stowed position to operate above apparatus obstructions like cab roofs, lighting, hose reels, or generators. The manual and RC version of Extend-A-Gun can be found on fire trucks around the globe.

TFT is now adding to the series with the new Extend-A-Gun VP.  The VP’s deploy and stow operations are efficiently controlled by pneumatics and the unit includes an integrated manual valve.

The VP ‘s manually controlled valve eliminates the need for a separate inline valve upstream from the Extend-A-Gun. The valve incorporates TFT’s proven half ball design for longevity. The TFT valve offers unrivaled plumbing flexibility. It’s compatible with a variety of pumps, panels, and plumbing configurations so it’s easy to install as well as service in the field. In a single SKU, OEM’s can install plumbing connection to the bottom or side of unit. The valve also allows for flexibility in height. If the outlet port for monitor needs to be higher, simply use bottom inlet. If outlet port for monitor needs to be lower, a choice of two side port options are available.

Safety is increased by allowing the operator can stay on the ground to deploy and stow positions with an air operated and controlled up/down switch on the pump panel. Installers can utilize standard lines and fittings just like other pneumatic equipment on the apparatus.

A simple interlock prevents flowing while extending and retracting the VP. This prevents users from damaging the unit or becoming injured when deploying or stowing the system.

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