TFT releases new working Fire Nozzle


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The new TFT Working Fire nozzle reportedly delivers revolutionary performance when you need maximum flows for a “working fire.” For every day use, it is a true 150 gpm @ 75 psi Fixed GPM Nozzle, but when you need even more GPM, the nozzle’s exclusive pressure relief system dramatically limits nozzle reaction.

When you achieve the 150gpm rate, the nozzle flows great, and there is about 65lbs of nozzle reaction force. However, when you need a lot more GPM, that is where the Working Fire excels.

By integrating TFT’s exclusive pressure relief, a 33% increase in flow rates only yields a 33% increase in reaction force. Compare that to a traditional fixed nozzle, which increases 78%. With the Working Fire nozzle, TFT is able to deliver high GPM (200 gpm) with reportedly 30lbs less reaction force than other nozzles.

The Working Fire is available in a break-apart or integrated, stainless steel ball valve configuration. Pistol grips, bail handles, and stream shaper are available in colours and spinning teeth are an option. The nozzle has a rugged, black hard coat finish with a black reflective Scotchlite trim. There is a tactile indicator and detent for straight stream that prevents unintended rotation into other streams.

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