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Thailand industrial park fire: explosion kills one and injures others

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Fire at Thailand chemical storage tank kills one and injures four

At least one individual lost their life and four others sustained injuries following a massive fire at a chemical storage tank in Mab Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Thailand, as reported by AP news.

The fire, which erupted early Thursday, demanded over six hours to contain, with expectations of requiring more than 10 hours to fully extinguish.

Around 400 workers and residents were evacuated to a temporary shelter, as stated by Rayong province’s public relations department.

The tank involved in the blaze, owned by Mab Ta Phut Tank Terminal company, holds a capacity of 2,500 cubic meters and is used for storing Pyrolysis gasoline.

This incident has prompted the company to launch an investigation and reassess preventive measures.

They have also committed to compensating those affected and expressed their condolences.

Previous incidents and safety measures

In a similar episode in 2021, a fire at another storage tank owned by the same company resulted in three fatalities and serious injuries to two individuals.

This led to a temporary cessation of the company’s operations.

The company has since been under scrutiny for its safety measures, and this recent incident has reignited concerns regarding safety standards at industrial facilities handling hazardous substances.

Efforts to enhance safety protocols and ensure compliance with regulations are expected to intensify following this event.

IFSJ Comment

The recurring incidents at Mab Ta Phut Industrial Estate raise critical concerns about the safety measures and emergency preparedness of industrial facilities, particularly those dealing with hazardous chemicals.

It is imperative for regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to collaborate closely to enhance safety standards and prevent future tragedies.

Strengthening regulatory oversight and ensuring compliance with safety protocols is essential to safeguard both human lives and the environment.

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