The HD-RAKSHAK IHP CO2 System protects electrical cabinets and enclosures


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The HD RAKSHAK is a specialised In-Cabinet Fire Suppression System, utilising CO2 extinguishing agent. RAKSHAK In-cabinet suppression system is a fire suppression system designed for specific application of protecting electrical cabinets and enclosures.

In-Cabinet fire suppression systems are used because these are efficient as well as economical in protection of Computer Server cabinets, Electrical cabinets, CNC machines, IT closets, UPS switchgear cabinets, and archive storage enclosures to name a few. Rather than a total flooding of the whole room with an agent, only the specific cabinet is protected. RAKSHAK In-cabinet suppression system is a StandAlone Automatic Fire Suppression System.

The effectiveness of a genuine HD RAKSHAK System, happens by utilising the best Fire Detection Tubing, which detects a fire due to precise temperature sensitivity, allowing our systems to react quickly and effectively. This unique detection can be run through the smallest or most complex enclosures to ensure detection is always close at hand. RAKSHAK System can be utilised anywhere that a fire poses a risk, and it is flexible enough for virtually any Industrial Equipment, Traditional as well as Emergency Vehicles, Storage Compartments, Control Cabinets or various types of Remote Installations From CNC Machines and Fume Hoods.

RAKSHAK direct system quickly detects and suppresses fire, directly at the source, efficiently and automatically by discharging CO2. It is a totally self-contained, requiring external electric power and remains active and operational 24×7. After use, naturally-occurring element, CO2 dissipates into the air allowing easy usage. The CO2 discharge also leaves no residue, eliminating the need for agent cleanup and helping reduce downtime.

CO2 is discharged through an indirect IHP Valve, which is a differential pressure piston valve that engages immediately when a fire is detected.. The IHP Valve is approved by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), India.

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