The Last Word on thermal imaging cameras with Bullard

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Matthias Müller, Regional Sales Manager Northern & Southern Europe at Bullard, talks Thermal Imaging Cameras

What is your role and position at Bullard?

I am the Regional Sales Manager responsible for Emergency Responder products in Europe and my primary focus is to expand Bullard’s presence in this market. I work closely with our product managers to identify areas of improvement and new product development opportunities. I also have experience as a volunteer firefighter in Germany which provides me with valuable insights into the needs and challenges faced by firefighters, particularly in the use of thermal imagers.

Why should firefighters carry thermal imaging cameras?

A thermal imaging camera is an essential tool for firefighters as it allows them to make correct and critical decisions. By using a thermal imaging camera, firefighters can see through thick smoke and better understand the movement and radiation of heat. This enhanced vision helps firefighters to withdraw themselves and rescue victims more quickly from potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations. When used correctly, thermal imagers can also minimise structural damage and reduce water usage.

What makes a good thermal imaging camera?

A thermal imaging camera designed for firefighting is crucial in providing clear and accurate information in emergency situations. At Bullard, all our thermal imagers are purposely developed and built specifically for firefighters. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and deliver sharp images immediately upon activation.

Our thermal imagers have a smooth, fast-flowing image due to automatic gain mode switching and instant processing, making it easy for firefighters to scan and quickly identify surfaces and structures of importance without any distracting noise. The cameras are also IP-rated and have high impact and temperature resistance, ensuring they can withstand the harsh environments they are used in.

Ease of operation is crucial when every second counts. Bullard thermal imagers have a one-button touch operation that can be used even while wearing gloves. Additionally, our well-designed form factor allows for ergonomic handling in any situation, including crawling on the ground. Firefighters can easily hold the thermal imager close to their face without needing to bend their wrist or arm in an unnatural position.

What thermal imaging solutions does Bullard offer?

Bullard offers two latest models: the QXT and TXS. The TXS, weighing just 0.75 kg (including battery), is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that is essential for every fire department. It provides vital information without burdening the user. On the other hand, the QXT, the flagship model, offers the best image quality and operating time, and optional additional features are available. Both models are durable and suitable for firefighters, and truck mount chargers are available as an optional accessory. The TXS is ideal for situations where weight and simplicity are important, while the QXT is the all-around-pro that excels in decision-making situations.

What other equipment should firefighters always carry?

In addition to thermal imagers  Bullard provides easy-to-clean fire helmets and powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs). PAPRs can be used to help firefighters doff their contaminated gear on the scene, and they offer great protection for EMS tasks for added peace of mind.

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