ThoroughTec exhbits hi-fidelty ARFF at INTERSCHUTZ


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ThoroughTec Simulation, a leader in heavy equipment simulators and workforce performance optimisation solutions, is demonstrating its new, hi-fidelity CYBERDRIVE ARFF Operator Training Simulator at INTERSCHUTZ this week.

Firefighters that visit hall 12, stand B35 will be able to test drive the simulator, under a wide range of conditions, fighting fires on various aircraft types, from helicopters to multi-engine passenger jets.

Visitors will be able to and experience how, at the click of a button, instructors enjoy complete control over simulated incidents, controlling everything from the weather and time of day to location and difficulty of the scenario.

The simulators exercises are designed to be real and challenging that even the most experienced firefighters will be challenged.

ThoroughTec’s product provides the ability to train in the application of various extinguishing agents, many of which are now prohibited for use in training. In the simulator, ARFF crews face no restrictions perfecting application techniques without safety or environmental concerns and critically, without any of the associated wear-and-tear costs on your prime mission equipment.

CYBERDRIVE hi-fidelity full-mission simulators incorporate a 6 Degree-of-Freedom, military-grade motion platform; panoramic, 270° high-definition projected displays; a full replicated vehicle cabin including all OEM instruments and controls.

A dual-screen instructor station and intuitive software training tools allow instructors to create highly customisable exercises, monitor operator performance in real time and automatically record the sessions for post-mission debriefing.

Being able to review the vehicle’s sub-systems, situation parameters and view a ‘live’ 3D After-Action Review (AAR) of events can be crucial to help operators understand where mistakes were made and how they might be remedied.

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