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Tour de France Stage 13 takes off from the home of the world’s top fire helmets

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Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne: The birthplace of the iconic MSA Gallet fire helmet

Stage 13 of the highly anticipated Tour de France departs from Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne today (14 July). This is not just any city, but the manufacturing hub of MSA Safety’s renowned fire helmets.

For the first time in the race’s 120-year history, this French city, often referred to as the world capital of fire helmets, is playing host.

For further information on the production of these fire helmets, you can visit MSA Safety’s website.

A landmark in the heart of fire helmet manufacturing

Positioned at the town’s entrance is a large MSA Gallet F1 helmet, standing as a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to the safety of first responders.

As Yohan Morel, Marketing Director for MSA International, put it: “The city’s history includes helping to protect first responders and industrial workers around the world, and we’re excited to welcome the Tour de France to Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne.”

The town and MSA Safety’s head protection products have a wide-reaching impact, utilised in 80 countries worldwide.

MSA Safety’s partnership with the French Federation of Fire Fighters in the Tour de France

MSA Safety’s influence extends beyond Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne to the Tour de France as a whole.

MSA’s helmets are playing a key role in the Tour alongside the French Federation of Fire Fighters, as members of the Tour’s emergency response team utilise MSA Gallet F2XR rescue helmets.

Furthermore, the company is participating in the Tour de France Caravan, featuring five vehicles adorned with limited-edition MSA Gallet helmets.

According to Morel: “MSA Safety is proud to support the Federation and raise awareness for the work firefighters do and for volunteerism in the fire service.”

The rich legacy of MSA Gallet fire helmet in Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne

MSA Gallet’s legacy in Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne traces back to 1909, almost as old as the Tour de France itself. Founded by Adrien Gallet, the company has grown to become a global leader in fire, police, and military helmets.

In 2002, MSA Safety acquired CGF Gallet of France, continuing to manufacture an array of helmets for various professions. Today, MSA employs around 220 associates in Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne.

As the cyclists set off for Stage 13, we are reminded of the city’s dedication to safety, embodied in every MSA Gallet fire helmet.

IFSJ Comment

This underscores the pivotal role safety companies like MSA Safety play in our global society. It also brings to the forefront the importance of quality fire helmets in protecting our invaluable first responders.

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