Training course on lithium ion batteries for firefighters launched by UL


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UL Solutions’ Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) has developed “The Science of Fire and Explosion Hazards from Lithium-ion Batteries” online training course to provide actionable insights from the foundational research conducted to date, including a review of lithium-ion battery components, thermal runaway, and how fire and explosion hazards can develop.

The course is designed to help firefighters better understand the physical phenomena that determine how hazards develop during lithium-ion battery incidents and develop strategies to mitigate the associated risks.

The course is designed so that those who undertake it will be able to: describe the construction of lithium-ion cells and identify the unique characteristics of lithium-ion batteries; list the reasons lithium-ion batteries fail and explain the process of thermal runaway; describe the fire and explosion hazards resulting from thermal runaway propagation in lithium-ion batteries; and develop strategies to reduce the risk associated with thermal runaway, including fire and explosion hazards.

Adam Barowy, research engineer, FSRI commented: “We believe one of the most effective ways to combat risks to life safety and minimise sensationalisation of lithium-ion battery thermal runaways is to inform the general public and the fire service about thermal runaway causes, how fire and explosion hazards can develop, and what can be done before and after thermal runaways to minimize the consequences.”

The course can be accessed here.

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