TSI to host Advanced Foam Firefighting School


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Training Specialties, Inc. will host their first Advanced Foam Firefighting School from September 28th – October 1st, 2021, with the event being hosted at the TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field® at the Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  This school promises to afford attendees unique classroom and hands-on flammable liquids and gases firefighting training. Using best practices and industry recognized strategies and tactics, students will be involved with complex scenarios from highway transportation incidents up to and including a scaled version of full surface flammable liquid bulk storage tank fire. 

“We expect our students to go home after this weeklong training with a better sense of handling responses they could face when dealing with flammable liquids emergencies.” says Bob Gliem, President/CEO at TSI.  “Hosting this program at TEEX allows us the opportunity to conduct simulated exercises using past experiences from many of our instructors, all of whom come with strong backgrounds in emergency response.  We’re grateful to have this group alongside us to spread our word and providing their knowledge of this course material.”

Reasons to attend the TSI to host Advanced Foam Firefighting School include:

  • Strategies and tactics proven successful on some of the most challenging flammable liquid incidents are introduced in the classroom, then thoroughly reinforced during live fires at what many consider the most realistic training facility in the world.
  • Instruction is provided by acknowledged subject matter experts on a wide array of topics including:
    • Foam chemistry discussed from the perspective of what responders need to know to do their job both during and after a response.
    • Strategic discussions focusing on the real ‘End Goal’ of incident response. RECEO and other assessment procedures will be used to demonstrate how to prioritize activities and avoid the mistake of considering extinguishment the ultimate goal of fire response.
    • Methods of avoiding pitfalls associated with improper, or untimely equipment deployment and demobilization will be discussed for all types of incidents.
    • Strategic water delivery requirements for the new millennium for all types of incidents.

To add further realism, night burns will be conducted to reinforce the material under adverse conditions.

For more information on this school and the company, visit www.trainingspecs.com.

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