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UL Solutions and Efectis Era Avrasya team up to advance fire door safety standards

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Expansion of fire door testing capabilities

UL Solutions has announced a collaboration with Efectis Era Avrasya to expand fire door testing capabilities at the Efectis Era Avrasya facility in Dilovasi, Turkey.

As reported by the UL Solutions, this partnership aims to address the increasing testing needs of fire door manufacturers in Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

The local testing laboratory, assessed by UL Solutions, is expected to reduce costs and time for regional customers.

Through the UL Solutions Witnessed Test Data Program (WTDP), Efectis Era Avrasya will generate product test data with UL Solutions engineers on site to observe testing.

The data from WTDP testing will be reviewed by UL Solutions, and if it demonstrates conformity, UL Solutions can issue a product certification.

Patrick Abgrall, director and regional general manager of Built Environment, Europe, Middle East and Africa at UL Solutions, stated: “We are pleased to collaborate with Efectis Era Avrasya to support local and regional fire door manufacturers in bringing safer products to market.”

Support for the construction industry growth

The collaboration between UL Solutions and Efectis Era Avrasya is timely, considering the growth in the construction industry.

A recent report by Research and Markets estimated that the Turkish construction industry grew by 5.1% in 2023, largely due to reconstruction efforts following the February 2023 earthquake.

Furthermore, the Middle East construction materials market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8% between 2024 and 2030, according to 6Wresearch.

Ilker Ibik, CEO of Efectis Era Avrasya, commented on the partnership: “The UL Solutions Witnessed Test Data Program enables us to better serve fire door manufacturers as a local testing laboratory in the region and provide test data to UL Solutions.

“Our collaboration with UL Solutions is a significant step in the advancement of built environment fire safety in Turkey and our neighboring countries and regions.”

Historical context and program details

The WTDP was introduced in 2007 to enable product testing at third-party laboratories while a UL Solutions representative is on-site to witness the testing.

UL 10, the Standard for Fire Doors, was established in 1903, laying the foundation for UL Solutions’ long-standing expertise in testing, certifying, and inspecting fire doors.

This collaboration reinforces UL Solutions‘ commitment to maintaining high safety standards and supporting manufacturers in meeting regulatory requirements.

IFSJ Comment

By expanding local testing capabilities, the partnership addresses the growing demand for fire safety compliance in these regions.

This initiative is particularly important given the recent growth in the construction industry, driven by reconstruction efforts in Turkey and ongoing development in the Middle East.

The UL Solutions Witnessed Test Data Program offers a robust framework for ensuring that fire doors meet stringent safety standards, enhancing trust among manufacturers, code authorities, and building occupants.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this will be crucial in maintaining high safety standards and supporting manufacturers in navigating regulatory landscapes.

The commitment of UL Solutions and Efectis Era Avrasya to advancing fire safety is commendable and will likely have a lasting impact on the industry.

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