UL Solutions launches safety service for battery-powered airport equipment


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UL Solutions has launched a new service to evaluate the compliance of lithium-ion battery-powered aviation ground support equipment (GSE) with UL 5840, the Standard for Electrical Systems of Battery Powered Aviation Ground Support Equipment.

This standard provides requirements that address the risk of fire, electric shock and explosion for the electrical systems of battery-powered airport GSE. The safety service is helping airlines and airport operations to lower environmental impacts and meet the requirements of carbon emissions reduction programs.

The Standard also addresses retrofitting lithium-ion batteries into more traditional diesel-powered equipment when used to upgrade existing fleets. Airports worldwide have announced policy commitments to remove all diesel-powered vehicles from the apron and all airside over the next three decades. 

Lithium-ion battery-powered vehicles offer many benefits but also pose new risks. Recognising the current and increasing need for safety requirements, UL Standards & Engagement published ANSI/CAN/UL 5840, the Standard for Electrical Systems of Battery Powered Aviation Ground Support Equipment, in May 2022.

In addition to covering new GSE,  the Standard also provides requirements for electrical systems when they are used to convert fueled GSE to battery-powered GSE.

Maurice Johnson, product manager at UL Solutions, said: “UL Solutions is tackling a major challenge for the aviation industry by addressing safer installation, usage and maintenance of lithium-ion batteries in aviation ground support equipment.

“Our new service is a key enabler for the aviation industry to speed the adoption of electric ground support equipment, which can significantly contribute to meeting carbon emission reduction goals.”

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