UL Solutions publishes new certification path for emergency exit signs


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New certification path for emergency signs introduced

UL Solutions has recently published UL 924A, the Outline of Investigation for Emergency Signs with Alternative Visual Designs.

This new certification path, introduced in February 2024, aims to accommodate emergency exit signs that fall outside the current design constraints of UL 924, the Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment.

The UL 924A outline allows for various design features, such as arrows instead of chevrons, variations of the ISO 7010 “running man” symbol, and other text and symbols specific to different regions.

This initiative addresses the need for new technologies, like dynamic exit signs with sensor-driven visual variations, providing a framework for verifying product performance in supporting orderly evacuations.

Scope of UL 924A outline of investigation

The UL 924A OOI offers a certification path that aligns with the performance objectives of UL 924 while respecting local and regional jurisdictions’ authority.

It permits deviations from the prescriptive design requirements, allowing the exit sign legend to be tailored to the target jurisdiction’s language and cultural norms.

UL 924, on the other hand, maintains strict adherence to specific North American installation codes, limiting design flexibility.

This new outline ensures that exit signs meet the necessary performance criteria while accommodating cultural preferences.

Jurisdictions worldwide can adopt exit signs that fulfil the evacuation performance needs, adhering to UL 924 standards and accommodating regional variations.

Commitment to safety and performance

Despite the design flexibility introduced by UL 924A, it requires compliance with UL 924’s full range of requirements to manage risks associated with fire, electric shock injury, and performance reliability.

This approach supports a global pathway for certified products, enabling jurisdictions to benefit from established performance thresholds while accommodating dynamic designs.

The outline aims to enhance safety by ensuring that all emergency signs, irrespective of design variations, meet minimum performance criteria.

This global certification path facilitates the adoption of innovative exit sign technologies in various regions, ensuring reliable evacuation support.

Support from UL Solutions

UL Solutions offers services to review current emergency lighting listings to ensure they meet the new requirements outlined in UL 924A.

The organisation’s dedicated laboratory staff and expertise in emergency lighting can assist manufacturers in testing and certifying their alternative designs.

IFSJ Comment

By providing a certification path for signs with alternative visual designs, UL Solutions addresses the evolving needs of emergency exit technologies.

This new outline supports innovative designs while maintaining rigorous safety standards.

The flexibility in design allowed by UL 924A ensures that emergency signs can cater to various cultural and regional preferences, which is crucial for global applicability.

As dynamic exit signs and new technologies emerge, having a standard that accommodates these advancements is beneficial for manufacturers, facility operators, and code authorities.

UL Solutions’ commitment to maintaining safety while allowing for design flexibility demonstrates a balanced approach to evolving emergency signage needs.

The organisation’s expertise and resources are pivotal in helping manufacturers navigate the new certification requirements, ensuring that all emergency signs continue to meet performance and safety standards.

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