Unity Theatre in Liverpool enhances fire safety with new emergency lighting system

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Unity Theatre embraces new fire safety technology

Unity Theatre in Liverpool, known for its dedication to new writing, social justice, and community engagement, has enhanced its fire safety with the installation of the FIREscape Nepto system.

The theatre, located on Hope Street in a former synagogue, relies heavily on private benefactors and arts funding to maintain its operations.

As reported by Hochiki Europe, the need for an upgrade to the emergency lighting system was identified by Technical Manager Xenia Bayer.

Facing financial constraints, Bayer discovered the FIREscape Nepto system through the Association of British Theatre Technicians.

The system’s intelligent, self-sufficient, and energy-efficient features were deemed perfect for the theatre’s needs.

Hochiki and Grainger Fire and Security collaboration

Hochiki Europe, in collaboration with Grainger Fire and Security, facilitated the installation of the FIREscape Nepto system.

David Wardman, Managing Director of Grainger Fire and Security, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting their longstanding relationship with Hochiki products.

Will Taylor, who led the installation project, noted the ease of installing the new system.

“Hochiki products are famously easy to install, and FIREscape Nepto was no different.

“We initially scoped 5 to 6 days for the installation plus commission, but it only took 4 days plus a day for commissioning,” Taylor said.

The team was able to retrofit the system using much of the old cabling, further enhancing the project’s efficiency.

Benefits of the new system

The new system has significantly improved the theatre’s operational efficiency and aesthetics.

Bayer praised the communication and cooperation with both the Grainger team and Hochiki.

“The new system is so much more aesthetically pleasing and saves so much space compared to the previous bulky system,” Bayer said.

“The energy savings are substantial, with projected savings of nearly £900 a year.

“The Unity Theatre anticipates that these savings will be reinvested into the theatre’s various projects, benefitting the local and wider theatrical communities.

“The FIREscape Nepto system not only enhances safety but also contributes to the theatre’s financial sustainability.

Positive impact on the community

The installation of the FIREscape Nepto system marks a significant improvement for the Unity Theatre.

The theatre can now continue its mission of fostering community engagement and supporting the arts with a reliable and efficient emergency lighting system.

Overjoyed with the outcome, Bayer expressed gratitude to Hochiki and Grainger Fire and Security: “This new system won’t just replace our old one – it will transform our day-to-day operations and ensure we can continue to shine a light on the arts for years to come, thanks to Hochiki – the show can go on.”

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