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Volunteer fire departments receive get-a-grip gloves

The FIA assisted the National Fire Commercial Transformation Programme (NFCTP) that’s led by Kent’s chief fire officer Ann Millington by engaging its members and asking them to leverage their contacts in wider industry sectors to source PPE such as gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.

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PH&S Products, LLC (PH&S), in partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), has provided 100 NVFC members with GET-A-GRIP Gloves for their volunteer fire departments through the 2022 “Glove On!” Giveaway.

The giveaway saw each department given two dispenser boxes (up to 50 pairs of gloves per box) to enhance responder health and safety.

Gloves are an important part of a responders’ personal protective gear as they provide hand protection against substances that may be encountered during emergency response.

GET-A-GRIP gloves have been permeation tested against fentanyl, heroin, and gastric acid, and the super tough nitrile compound provides abrasion resistance and protection.

NVFC chair Steve Hirsch said: “Emergency responders answer the call to all types of incidents, and keeping them safe is a top priority for the NVFC. It is critical that our first responders have the resources they need to safely respond where hazardous or toxic exposures might be a concern.

“We are grateful to PH&S Products for their support and providing our volunteer fire departments with these protective gloves.”

PH&S Products general manager Brett Sarbach said: “PH&S Products is proud to be able to aid in the safety of first responders. We are glad to offer gloves that protect our front-line workers from fentanyl and also heroin and gastric acid. In addition, the strength and two-tone construction are other benefits to the first responders. Glove ON!”

To be eligible to enter the giveaway, departments had to be over 50 percent volunteer, serve a population of 25,000 or less, be located in the U.S., and the applicant or department chief had to be a member of the NVFC. Recipients were randomly selected after the entry period closed.

NVFC members are eligible for a five percent discount on GET-A-GRIP Gloves and free shipping until December 31.

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