Volunteers’ Week marked by Institution of Fire Engineers

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The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), a renowned global professional body, will be participating in the 39th annual Volunteers’ Week, which is scheduled for June 1-7 this year.

The week-long event is celebrated by thousands of charities and voluntary organisations worldwide to appreciate and honour the invaluable work of volunteers. The IFE will use this platform to acknowledge the contributions made by its volunteers in the UK and abroad towards establishing a safer world with respect to fire incidents.

The IFE, during the week, intends to share interviews with its volunteers from various corners of the world. These interviews will throw light on the impressive work these individuals are carrying out daily to facilitate progress within the fire sector.

Over 400 volunteers are currently associated with the IFE, and their assistance is crucial to all operations of the charity – ranging from the development of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), facilitating research, formulating best practices, to conducting examinations globally.

This support is not restricted to benefitting the IFE’s 11,000 members but extends to the broader fire safety community who utilise IFE’s qualifications or recognised training for professional growth.

IFE Membership Growth

In the last year, the IFE’s Membership Application Assessment Panel and Registrants Group have efficiently processed over 1,150 membership and registration applications. In addition, the IFE’s volunteer examiners have written 55 examinations.

The IFE has also been instrumental in evolving specialised domains within fire engineering via its 10 Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These groups, addressing issues ranging from electric vehicles, emerging technologies, to fire safety at heritage sites, have played a crucial role in the establishment of several government regulations.

Steve Hamm, the CEO of IFE, commenting on the significance of Volunteers’ Week, said, “For over 100 years, the IFE has benefited from the incredible knowledge of its volunteering cohort. As a professional body, we’re bonded by the mission of advancing fire safety and making the world a safer place.

“Every day I’m amazed at the varied skill set and enthusiasm of our volunteers. From marking exams to chairing a special interest group, they’re a truly invaluable resource and a vital component in developing the formal recognition of professional standards globally. Thank you on behalf of the IFE.”

The IFE’s Volunteers’ Week campaign will kick off later this week. The IFE will be sharing relevant content on its website and social media channels.

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