Vox Ignis MD Anthony Smith confirmed as chair of BSI FSH/12/5 committee

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Anthony Smith to lead BSI committee on voice alarm systems

Anthony Smith, managing director of Vox Ignis, has been appointed Chair of the BSI FSH/12/5 committee.

This committee oversees the codes of practice for the design, installation, servicing, and maintenance of voice alarm evacuation systems and emergency communication systems in buildings.

As Chair, Smith will also participate in FSH/12, which co-ordinates the UK’s involvement in the BS EN 54 series of standards.

Smith’s extensive experience in audio technology and legislation spans over 30 years, during which he has contributed significantly to standards development within CEN and CENELEC.

Background and experience

Smith’s appointment follows years of active involvement in developing both British and international standards.

He has been a member of the FSH/12/5 committee for over 15 years and has served as a UK expert on the CEN/TC 72 Working Group, focusing on voice alarms, loudspeakers, sounders, and beacons.

Additionally, Smith has held roles such as President of the Institute of Sound & Communications Engineers and membership in the Audio Engineering Society.

He was the Convenor of the EPL/100 drafting panel responsible for BS 6259 and CLC/BTTF 133-1, which developed EN 50849 sound systems for emergency purposes.

Smith’s perspective on his new role

Smith expressed his enthusiasm for his new role: “I’m delighted to be continuing to contribute to the important work of FSH/12/5 and honoured to have been confirmed by BSI as Committee Chair.

“Voice communications are increasingly recognised as the best way to manage people in an emergency, and the standards and codes of practice regimes around voice alarm, emergency voice communications, and assistance alarms are changing relatively quickly as our built environment and the systems protecting it become more complicated.”

He also acknowledged the contributions of his predecessor: “I would like to thank the former chair Andy Scott for his work as chair over many years.”

Support from BSI

Christopher Smith-Wong, Lead Standards Development Manager within BSI’s Built Environment sector, praised Smith’s appointment: “British Standards are globally respected because of the expert input of stakeholders from across the field.

“Tony has been a vocal and important member of FSH/12/5 for many years, and with his long experience across the field, his work on other standards, codes, and practice and industry bodies, he is an excellent choice to chair the committee.

“I congratulate him and look forward to working with him.”

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