‘We urge the new administration to urgently address fire safety challenges’ says FPA Managing Director Gavin Dunn

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FPA comments on Labour party taking majority in UK general election

On 4 July 2024, the Labour Party secured a majority in the UK general election, winning 412 seats.

Sir Keir Starmer is now the new prime minister, marking a new era of government.

As reported by The Fire Protection Association, Gavin Dunn, Managing Director, has congratulated Starmer and the Labour Party on their victory.

Dunn stated: “The Fire Protection Association wishes to congratulate Keir Starmer and the Labour Party on their win in the UK general election.

“We wish them well in forming the next government.”

New cabinet appointments and implications for fire safety

Keir Starmer has announced his new Cabinet, which includes Angela Rayner as Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities.

Her role will be pivotal in bridging the gap between the government and the fire safety industry.

This comes as the final Grenfell Tower Inquiry report is set to be published in September, seven years after the tragedy.

Dunn highlighted the urgency of addressing fire safety challenges: “We hope and stand ready to support the new government.

“We urge the new administration to urgently address the numerous challenges needed to improve fire safety and property protection within UK buildings.”

FPA’s call for regulatory changes and support for the new government

The FPA has emphasized the need for changes in the regulation of fire safety professionals and the assessment of construction products to ensure safety and resilience.

Dunn remarked: “We believe now is the time to resolve many issues surrounding the regulation of fire safety professionals, ensuring they demonstrate competency effectively, and assessing the suitability of construction products used in buildings.”

The FPA has positioned itself as a key player in supporting the government’s efforts to advance fire safety regulations.

Dunn added: “As the FPA, we stand ready to support this change. We will continue to provide research insights, disseminate knowledge, and offer a range of services to help the market do the right thing.”

FPA’s upcoming policy manifesto

The FPA is in the process of finalising its policy manifesto, which will be released in the coming weeks.

This manifesto will outline the FPA’s commitment to collaboration with both government and industry stakeholders to safeguard people and property from fire-related risks.

Dunn concluded by extending congratulations on Labour’s election success and encouraged the new ministers to advance the fire safety agenda swiftly: “On behalf of my colleagues here at the FPA, and our many members and partners, we extend our congratulations on Labour’s election success.

“We look forward to seeing who will assume key ministerial roles in the areas of fire and building safety.”

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