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Wildfire preparation: Understanding the importance of pile burns

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As summer predictions suggest warmer, drier, and breezier conditions, landowners are urged to proactively prepare their terrain.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand has provided guidance on the correct procedure for executing a controlled burn of cut and heaped vegetation on private property.

Setting up your pile burn: Best practices

According to Fire and Emergency New Zealand, the proper configuration of a pile burn is crucial.

The size and composition of the heap, as well as its distance from any combustible materials, play a significant role in ensuring safety.

Furthermore, monitoring the weather conditions is essential: “Weather conditions can influence the success and safety of the burn.”

After the burn, there are post-fire procedures that need to be followed.

IFSJ Comment

With rising global temperatures and changing weather patterns, proactive measures such as the controlled burning of excess vegetation become crucial.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s recent guidelines offer landowners a practical solution to reduce the risk of larger, uncontrollable wildfires.

By ensuring proper pile burn setup and adhering to safety protocols, we can collectively minimise the devastating impacts of wildfires on our communities and ecosystems.

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