Zenova Group announces distribution plans for Saudi Arabia


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Provider of innovative fire safety and heat management technology and products, Zenova Group PLC, has announced that it has entered a sub-distribution agreement with the Ethmaar Investment Company  (“Ethmaar”) to distribute its thermal insulation and fire protection products throughout Saudi Arabia.

The sub-distribution agreement will provide Saudi customers with direct access to Zenova’s thermal insulation and fire protection products and builds upon Ethmaar’s relationships with some of the biggest organisations in Saudi Arabia.

This agreement provides for Ethmaar to place the first order of one container valued at £116,000 within 3 months of entering into this agreement and subsequently order a minimum of £1.2m worth of Zenova products within 12 months of the date of the agreement.

Commenting on the news, Tony Crawley, Chief Executive of Zenova Group PLC said: “This agreement with Ethmaar represents a very important first step for Zenova into Saudi Arabia and we look forward to working with Ethmaar as we gain a foothold for our products in this jurisdiction where our products are much needed to tackle the issues that are increasing in their significance as the local authorities focus more on temperature management, energy conservation, safety and prevention of fire”

Tariq M Barri, Managing Director of Ethmaar said: “We are very pleased to be Zenova’s partner of choice in Saudi Arabia. Critically, by adding Zenova to our portfolio we can bring innovative and high performing building material with green credentials to the attention of organizations (government and private), and building owners to compliment design strategies that improve safety, performance and reduce our environmental impact.

“Zenova IP, Zenova FP and Zenova IR improve the thermal performance and fire protection on future builds as well as providing solutions that do not exist in many scenarios. Adding Zenova to our product offerings allows Ethmaar to offer quick, affordable, and ecological insulation and fire protection solutions.”

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