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ZF and ZIEGLER agree strategic partnership


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Technology company ZF has received a major order for its digital connectivity solution ZF Rescue Connect from Albert Ziegler GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of firefighting vehicles. The deal, worth several million euros, is one of the largest framework contracts for digital services ever awarded to ZF.

From the beginning of 2022, ZIEGLER will equip new vehicles with ZF Rescue Connect as an option and offer digital services to its end customers. In addition, ZF and ZIEGLER have agreed a strategic partnership for the digitalisation and networking of ZIEGLER firefighting vehicles.

With more than 130 years of experience in the industry, ZIEGLER possesses a vast wealth of professional knowledge and expertise, making it a perfect partner. Both companies are committed to developing the best possible solutions for customers worldwide in order to make the world a safer place. ZIEGLER’s production knowledge and fire know-how mean it is ideally placed to create the firefighting vehicles of the future.

“This major order from ZIEGLER affirms that with ZF Rescue Connect we have created a convincing solution for networking rescue services,” said Florian Freund, responsible for ZF Rescue Connect. “At the same time, ZF Rescue Connect is an example of ZF’s innovative strength as a developer of new digital services.”

“The strategic partnership with ZF is an important building block for us in the ongoing digitalisation of our firefighting vehicles, and enables us to offer our customers cloud-based services with high added value,” said Bernd Geiselmann, CFO at ZIEGLER. “In addition, we can make over-the-air software updates to firefighting appliances throughout their entire service life, regardless of location.”

Connectivity for rescue services

ZF Rescue Connect digitally connects rescue services with one another during operations and provides them with all important status information relating to the vehicles and equipment deployed in real time. The digital connectivity solution is based on an Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform driven by technology group ZF.

This is where all data from the relevant emergency vehicles converge and can be accessed by the operations center via a digital dashboard. Using this overall view, the incident commander and the services involved can see, for example, whether heavy equipment such as spreaders and rescue shears are on site for rescuing accident victims from vehicles, how much of which extinguishing agent is available to the fire department at the scene, whether the emergency physician and ambulance have already arrived or to which hospital the injured have been taken.

Small electronic transmitters and receivers network accident victims and the rescue forces deployed, and provide essential information from other rescue equipment via mobile communications and the IoT cloud.

The real-time availability of such data gives emergency response leaders unprecedented access to the information required to successfully and quickly complete operations with the best possible outcomes.

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