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Airservices Australia invests in hybrid electric vehicles for Western Sydney International Airport

Airservices Australia’s new addition: Electric Vehicles Airservices Australia has confirmed the purchase of four hybrid electric vehicles from Oshkosh Airport ...
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NVFC announces a call for presentation proposals for the 2024 Training Summit

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has revealed its plans to organise the annual NVFC Training Summit. This summit is ...

Electric vehicle fires in focus at The Emergency Services Show

Electric vehicle fires and their innovative solutions are set to be a focal point at this year’s Emergency Services Show ...

Antarctic Fire Angels: Frost, fire and fortitude

Georgina Gilbert explains why the Antarctic Fire Angels expedition goes beyond the plains of Antarctica When I sat at the ...
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Exclusive: A comprehensive guide to protecting the firefighter with MSA Safety

MSA Safety‘s Gustavo Lopez and Nik Blymiller discuss solutions and the latest advancements in the fire protective clothing From cloud-connected ...
How many types of fire are there

How Many Types of Fire Are There?

Fire, as a natural phenomenon, has been intertwined with human history for millennia.  It has served as a steadfast companion, ...
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