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Coldcut Cobra: Safer, cleaner and more efficient firefighting

Coldcut's cobra is a firefighting tool that uses a reduced amount of water. With cobra, the firefighter can work from a safe position outside the fire compartment to deploy water through the quickest access point which turns into a fine water mist.

By reducing the heat of the fire gases and creating a better visibility, cobra creates better conditions for the firefighter to enter the building with fewer risks and less exposure to harmful gases and particles. Most of the used water evaporates by the heat and leaves the building with very little, if any, water damage or contaminated water run off that could run into nature and harm the environment.

For more information visit: https://www.coldcutsystems.com

Bronto Skylift celebrates 50 years of being up for it

Founded in 1972, trusted global supplier of truck-mounted aerial platforms, Bronto Skylift, has been up for it for 50 years and is eager to continue bringing a piece of Nordic knowhow and persistence to your doorstep and provide the best experience for working safely at height for the next five decades and beyond.



Fomtec explains the transition to Synthetic Fluorine Free Foam (SFFF)

Andy Hall, General Manager of HALL Fire & Safety Consultants and John Olav Ottesen, Founder and Managing Director of Dafo Fomtec discuss the transition to Synthetic Fluorine Free Foams (SFFFs).

Their conversation takes a look at: why the transition is occurring, the timelines in place for phasing out PFAS additives, what makes good quality foam, sprinkler systems, Fomtec's Enviro Programme, and why decisions should be based on data rather than opinions.

For more information on the Synthetic Fluorine Free Foam on offer from Fomtec visit: https://www.fomtec.com/

ROCKWOOL delivers extensive firestopping for The Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran

The Grange University Hospital Specialist Critical Care Centre in Cwmbran provides treatment for over 600,000 people in South East Wales.

Take a look at the extensive fire protection measures inside the new-build hospital, which use solutions from the fully tested ROCKWOOL FIREPRO range to deliver a safe and compliant healthcare building.

Click for further information: https://www.rockwool.com/uk/advice-and-inspiration/case-studies/grange-university-hospital/


The Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System

In the event of an electric vehicle fire, The Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System works quickly and efficiently to end thermal runaway of lithium-ion battery cells.



PBI – High-comfort, high-protection gear for firefighters

PBI TriGuard sets the standard for lightweight flame-resistant protective fabrics. This specialty fabric is the right choice to meet the demands of almost any technical rescue, wildland and industrial applications all around the world.

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Command Light Tower vs Perimeter Light Fixtures

Perimeter lights shine directly outward making it difficult to see on approach whilst a Command Light Tower positions the light source overhead making it easier to see while facing the apparatus.


Global Fire Equipment – Inside the advanced new evacuation system at Radisson Blu, Fallujah

Fire alarm manufacturer Global Fire Equipment is investing in the Middle East Region, supplying systems that are extremely versatile for every project. Take a look at the recent installation of a new advanced evacuation system at Radisson Blu, Fallujah, UAE.