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Greek authorities investigate wildfires as arsonist suspected

Wildfires in Greece under investigation Greek authorities are investigating the possibility that the wildfires threatening Athens were started by a ...
why are firetrucks red

Why are Firetrucks Red?

Firetrucks, with their distinctive red hue, stand out as symbols of rapid response to emergencies, commanding attention on roads and ...
list of firefighting equipment

List of Firefighting Equipment

Firefighting equipment is what helps firefighters to extinguish flames, ensuring the safety of lives and property, and the varied list ...
fire trucks in australia

Urgent evacuation in Victoria amid severe bushfire threat

Authorities issue evacuation orders ahead of catastrophic fire conditions Authorities in Victoria have called for the evacuation of more than ...
farm fire agriculture hay bale

The importance of careful hay baling to prevent fire risks

The challenge of hay baling in current conditions Fire and Emergency New Zealand has issued an important reminder for those ...
How many types of fire are there

How Many Types of Fire Are There?

Fire, as a natural phenomenon, has been intertwined with human history for millennia.  It has served as a steadfast companion, ...
A large wildfire with the text saying What causes wildfires

What Causes Wildfires - 11 Common Reasons

What causes wildfires is a commonly asked question, with wildfires during the summer months being shown almost every day in ...
a burning build that is on fire

23 Common Causes of Fire

Fires are a devastating and dangerous occurrence that can cause immense damage to property and pose a threat to lives, ...

Europe sees three of its worst fire seasons in the last six years

The European Commission has revealed the latest European Forest Fire report which found that three of the worst fire seasons ...

California to drive down insurance costs with wildfire safety regulations

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara is set to enforce a new insurance pricing regulation recognising and rewarding wildfire safety and mitigation ...
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