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ionization fire detector

What is an Ionization Fire Detector?

In fire safety, fire detection plays a crucial role in early warning systems.  Among these detectors, ionization fire detectors are ...
photoelectric smoke detector

What is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector?

Within fire safety, smoke detectors play a pivotal role in the preservation of lives and protection of property.  Amidst the ...
list of firefighting equipment

List of Firefighting Equipment

Firefighting equipment is what helps firefighters to extinguish flames, ensuring the safety of lives and property, and the varied list ...
4 smoke detector types explained

4 Smoke Detector Types Explained

In home safety, smoke detectors are always ready to alert us to potential dangers.  However, not all smoke detectors are ...
A red fire door with text saying 'Where are fire doors required'

Where are Fire Doors Required & Why Are They Needed?

One of the most common questions with regards to fire safety is where are fire doors required? Fire safety is ...
Roscam jpeg

Roscam residents gain enhanced fire safety with Advanced protection panels

Revamped fire safety measures in Roscam apartments Leading manufacturer of fire protection solutions, Advanced, has equipped Roscam, County Galway, Ireland’s ...
Johnson Contorls Fire Panel

Johnson Controls launches fire detection solution for small businesses

A fresh addition to Johnson Controls’ Fire Detection Line On June 22, 2023, Johnson Controls, renowned globally for its work ...
Blackline Safety G6 Photo

Blackline gas detectors recognised in product awards

Blackline Safety Corp‘s G6 single-gas detector has been recognised for its innovative product design by Red Dot, as well as ...
Robert_Drake - Copy

IFSJ Exclusive: The Last Word with Hochiki Europe

Robert Drake, Director of Research and Development at Hochiki Europe talks R&D, teamwork and future plans What does a typical ...
SpyglassTM series 1

Teledyne unveils Spyglass flame detection series

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection has unveiled its Spyglass SG50-F series of flame detectors, featuring updated optics and algorithms and ...
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