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MSA Bristol X4 Fire Protect Clothing and MSA Gallet F1XF Helmet

Fire protective clothing: Finding the best fit

Nik Blymiller, MSA Safety Product Group Manager for Fire Protective Clothing, highlights the evolution of firefighter PPE Where do things ...

Market analysis: Personal Protective Equipment

International Fire and Safety Journal analyses the firefighter Personal Protective Equipment market The firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) market primarily ...
FF holding MSA LUNAR

Exclusive: A comprehensive guide to protecting the firefighter with MSA Safety

MSA Safety‘s Gustavo Lopez and Nik Blymiller discuss solutions and the latest advancements in the fire protective clothing From cloud-connected ...

Fire-Dex expands manufacturing operations to Old Fort, North Carolina

New facility enhances company’s production capabilities and creates local job opportunities PPE manufacturer Fire-Dex is set to establish a new ...
Haix Fire Eagle

From Concept to Finished Firefighter Boots

As with every HAIX® boot, the development of a firefighter boot requires real teamwork: a collaboration between artisan shoemakers, design ...
Gear Wash Hood Cleaning

IFSJ Exclusive: Combatting contamination with Gear Wash

Nick Magoteaux, Business Development & Military Contract Manager for Gear Wash, talks to IFSJ Editor Iain Hoey about firefighter PPE ...

Globe Manufacturing Company supports bipartisan PFAS Alternatives Act

PFAS Alternatives Act: A drive for PFAS-free safety gear A significant stride has been made in the world of firefighter ...

New Indiana pilot programme set to monitor PFAS levels in firefighters

Professional Fire Fighters Union of Indiana and legislators collaborate for protective measures against PFAS The Professional Fire Fighters Union of ...

Rosenbauer unveils two new firefighting boots

Broadening the choice of boots for firefighters Rosenbauer, a renowned provider of safety equipment, has announced the launch of two ...
Rosenbauer - GAROS G10

Rosenbauer unveils lightweight forest fire protection suit

A look at the latest innovation in fire safety, engineered for the toughest outdoor challenges Rosenbauer’s latest offering Rosenbauer has ...
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