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how long do fire extinguishers last

How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

Fire extinguishers are crucial tools for swiftly combating small fires, but do they last forever?  Understanding their lifespan and exactly ...
list of firefighting equipment

List of Firefighting Equipment

Firefighting equipment is what helps firefighters to extinguish flames, ensuring the safety of lives and property, and the varied list ...
Classes of Fire

What are the 6 Classes of Fire?

Contrary to certain assumptions, not every fire is the same. Indeed, there are different types of fire, each with varying ...
Blackline Safety EU Service Centre

EU service centre launched by Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety Corp has announced the launch of its first European Union (EU)-based service centre. Following 118% revenue growth over ...
Stock fire hydrant

Nigerian fire service calls out lack of water hydrants

The Federal Fire Service of Nigeria has called out the absence of water hydrants which were previously positioned to assist ...

Kent Fire and Rescue Service selects FireWatch workforce management platform

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has selected FireWatch as its new platform for integrated workforce management in a deal ...
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Streamlight talks lighting innovation in the fire market

Whether for fighting fires, investigating scenes, signalling others in emergencies, or conducting rescues, lighting appliances are an essential piece of ...
IDEX tool image

Exclusive: Super Vac examines battery platform compatibility for rescue tools

With so many fire tools now powered by name brands, Super Vac looks at the offering from key players in ...

Car-wreck emergency rescue strategy overhaul being considered

A new study by Devon air ambulance led by emergency medical consultant Dr Tim Nutbeam has found growing evidence that ...
water shuttle operations

Fol-Da-Tank: Behind the innovation

Joel Wright, CEO at Fol-Da-Tank, discusses how the company is utilising lean manufacturing to innovate solutions for customers Firefighting is ...
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