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how long do fire extinguishers last

How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

Fire extinguishers are crucial tools for swiftly combating small fires, but do they last forever?  Understanding their lifespan and exactly ...

Expert: How to protect from kitchen fires?

The threat of residential fires cannot be ignored with the serious risk to lives that they bring and structural damage ...
Sock Snob

Hyfire wireless fire devices selected to protect leading online fashion retailer

One of the UK’s fastest growing and most quirky fashion retailers, Sock Snob, has selected cutting edge Taurus wireless fire ...
Evolution 1 panels at Bloomfield

Nittan detection system utilised by shopping centre

A Nittan Evolution fire detection system has been installed into the Bloomfield Shopping Centre in Bangor by Nittan Elite Partner ...

Survitec receives £27.5 million Revolving Credit facility from Santander UK

Global survival and safety solutions leader, Survitec, announced today that it has completed a £27.5 million Super Senior Revolving Capital ...
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