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67 teams to take part in UKRO Festival of Rescue


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In just a few days 300 competitors from across 25 UK fire and rescue services will take part in this year’s UKRO Festival of Rescue. This years event, which takes place on 17 and 18 of September, is being hosted by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

67 teams will go head-to-head to showcase a wide-range of activities firefighters undertake every day. The teams will be looking to be crowned best in their field of expertise.  The UKRO challenge is an annual event that is staged in a different city from year to year. 

As a charitable organisation UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organisation) prides itself in advancing professional rescue through the direct benefits from the rescue challenge, education workshops and the UKRO Academy. 

The five disciplines include:  

  • Vehicle Extrication (in partnership with Newcastle City Council) 
  • Trauma Care (in partnership with Gateshead Council) 
  • Urban Search and Rescue (in partnership with Sunderland City Council) 
  • Rope Rescue (in partnership with South Tyneside Council) 
  • Water Rescue* (in partnership with North Tyneside Council) 

Chief Fire Officer, Chris Lowther of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said:  “The focus of the festival is to celebrate the skills, dedication and devotion of our firefighters, who put their lives on the line to keep the public safe from harm on a daily basis. It provides a national stage to shine a spotlight on to those specialist disciplines that prove critical during real life incidents and emergencies. 

“The Festival of Rescue is going to be a fantastic occasion that everyone in attendance will remember for years to come. The scale and ambition of this two-day showcase will be a lasting legacy for as this is the biggest event of its type ever to be staged in the United Kingdom.  “It promises to be an action-packed programme and will provide an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the fire and rescue service.  

Neil Odin, Chair of the UKRO and Chief Fire Officer of Hampshire and Isle of Wight FRS added: “We are all very much looking forward to this event. It is the highlight of our year and to be able to host it at such a fantastic venue is extremely exciting for all UKRO personnel. 

“We would like to thank all involved at Tyne & Wear FRS along with our fantastic UKRO volunteers for enabling this event to take place after such a difficult 18 months for us all. A fantastic welcome awaits you all and bring on the event!” 

Vehicle Extrication Challenge: Teams face a series of scenarios simulating a road traffic collision with people trapped inside. They have to use all of their skills and knowledge to rescue the casualty safely within a set time limit

Trauma Care Challenge: Teams will face a challenging scenario where a casualty has been involved in an accident causing them physical injury. The Trauma Teams will have to use all of the skills and knowledge to deal with the hazardous scenario in a safe a speedy manor within a set time limit.

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Challenge: The USAR Teams will face a set number of challenging scenarios where their skills will be tested to the max. They will face a shoring scenario, where a coach has to be stabilized to rescue a casualty from underneath the vehicle.  Also a Lifting and Moving scenario where teams have to move a one-tonne block over obstacles; and a Technical Search scenario where Teams use specialist cameras and listening equipment to locate someone trapped in a simulated collapsed building.

Rope Rescue Challenge: Teams face a series of challenging scenarios simulating a casualty to be rescued from an area requiring the Teams to use rope rescue equipment. These include rescues from the Millennium Bridge, the top of the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and down the embankment beside The Sage Gateshead. Teams will have to use all of their skills and knowledge to rescue the casualty safely within a set time limit.

Water Rescue Challenge: Water Rescue Teams will face a series of scenarios over two days. Simulating possible incidents where persons require rescuing from the water. The Teams will have to use all of their skills, knowledge and expertise to rescue the casualty safely within a set time limit. With 8 teams taking part over the two days this is sure to be an exciting challenge to watch.

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