ADT Donates $50,000 to volunteer Fire Departments

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2020 was a challenging year for fire departments. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged, the west also experienced a severe wildfire season. To assist volunteer firefighters that were on the frontlines of the wildfires, ADT provided $10,000 donations to five fire departments in the western U.S.

ADT is a longtime partner of the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and reached out to the organisation to help identify fire departments in need. This is the third year that ADT and the NVFC have partnered during the holiday season to recognise and reward volunteer firefighters with donations to departments.

ADT ‘pleased to recognise departments’

“We commend ADT for giving back to the volunteer firefighters who protect our communities from all kinds of hazards,” said NVFC chair Steve Hirsch. “The five departments that received donations had a challenging time in 2020 due to both the pandemic and wildfires. These donations provided by ADT will help them overcome these challenges and move forward so they can be there when their communities call.”

“ADT is pleased to recognise these volunteer departments which serve as the front line of defense in their communities,” said Bob Tucker, ADT director of corporate affairs. “We hope these funds will help these brave firefighters continue to save lives and protect property.”

The five recipients of the $10,000 grants are as follows:

Coolin-Cavanaugh Bay (ID) Fire Protection District: COVID-19 prevented the department from holding its annual fundraisers, which meant a possible reduction in service. The donation will enable the department to meet the budget shortfall and continue to provide full protection to residents.

Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 (Granby, CO): The donation recognises the work of the volunteer firefighters who fought wildfires that destroyed land and property, including firefighters’ homes. Read more.


Malden (WA) Fire Department: The fire station and 80 percent of the town’s buildings were destroyed by wildfire in September. The contribution will help rebuild the fire station. Read more.

McKenzie Fire/Rescue (Leaburg, OR): The donation recognised the tireless work of the department’s volunteer firefighters to contain a massive wildfire that destroyed over 37,000 acres and hundreds of buildings, including some of the firefighters’ homes.


Turlock (CA) Rural Fire Department: Thanks to the donation, the department will be able to buy new hydraulic tools to rescue victims from vehicle accidents, after an existing unit recently failed and needed to be replaced. Read more.

In addition to these donations and partnership with the NVFC, ADT regularly gives back to the first responder agencies who answer the call when alerted to home emergencies. The ADT LifeSaver program has donated over $550,000 to first responder agencies, including volunteer fire departments.

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