Air Purifier to Protect New York’s First Responders


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In a decision backed by both the Fire Department and City Officials to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and to instill greater confidence in the safety of their first responders, New York city officials have approved the purchase of air purifier technology proven in independent clinical trials to significantly reduce airborne viruses and bacteria.

The devices, which can be mounted on ceilings or walls and does not require reconfiguration of any building HVAC systems will be installed in the Yonkers firehouses to filter and clean interior air.

Air purifier will keep firefighters healthy

The announcement followed a comprehensive review process conducted by the City of Yonkers resulting in the selection of Red Barn Advisory’s air purifier that effectively combats the main form of virus transmission: Air. “Our firehouses never close,” said Deputy Chief of Operations, John Folkerts. “We need to keep firefighters and emergency response teams healthy so they can continue to protect our community.”

Yonkers Fire Department installed the air purifier devices in all firehouses to maintain a higher quality of indoor air. The devices were independently tested to eliminate 99.9% of airborne pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2. The four leading factors that the City of Yonkers team mentioned as pivotal in their decision-making process were: 

  1. 4 level air purification.
  2. Ceiling or Wall mount – Floor space at a premium.
  3. Ease of Use – Simply plugs in wall outlet.
  4. Low maintenance – Filters easily replaced every 6 months.

Red Barn Advisory Team members, Chris Kloepfer and Stephen Carty, are proud to supply the City of Yonkers, so they can show their firefighters that they are reaching for the best tools available to reduce exposures to COVID-19.  “We are excited to embark on this great partnership with the City of Yonkers in their efforts to reduce exposures to COVID-19,” said Kloepfer. 

Red Barn Healthcare has one mission: get people back to work, so we can open the global economy.

The Red Barn Advisory Team, comprising senior executives across industries, sources and performs due diligence on tools for COVID Response Teams globally, so they can reach for them with confidence as they develop new operational workflows coming out of the pandemic; thus, creating wellness workflows.

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