AlertMedia unveils threat intelligence division


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AlertMedia, the world’s leading emergency communication provider, today announced its new threat intelligence division with faster, broader, and more relevant coverage about a wide range of global and local incidents. Staffed by a dedicated team of intelligence analysts providing human-verified alerts 24/7, the division has more than doubled the volume of actionable intelligence available to AlertMedia customers concerning threats that directly affect employees and business operations.

Available immediately to customers worldwide, AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence solution provides independently verified, around-the-clock, curated threat warnings for critical events across the globe—from severe weather and natural disasters to public demonstrations and public health crises—to help organisations more easily identify, monitor, and assess risks to their people and business.

Organisations face an increasing number of daily threats to employee safety, business continuity, and their ability to provide products and services to customers without disruption. To identify potential risks, operational security, loss prevention, and safety teams are often forced to sift through disparate sources of unstructured data, requiring significant labor and infrastructure to manually assess the impact to their organisation.

AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence transforms today’s staggering threat monitoring environment by monitoring, identifying, and rapidly delivering analyst-vetted intelligence from trained experts to help organisations drastically reduce their response times to an incident that presents a safety or operational risk. Now, instead of spending the majority of their time manually evaluating and distributing information, they can instead focus on solving more strategic problems.

“Many of the safety and security teams we speak to today suffer from an overwhelming amount of information and an inability to quickly filter noise to find what matters,” said Sara Pratley, Vice President of Global Intelligence at AlertMedia. “Our focus is on delivering solutions that provide customers with actionable, vetted intelligence that accelerates decision making and provides clarity concerning the impact to their organisation. The combination of relevant insights alongside our suite of emergency communication tools enables any company to more quickly disseminate information and protect their business.”

AlertMedia’s Global Threat Intelligence seamlessly integrates with its emergency communication solution, enabling organisations to communicate information about critical events to employees, leadership, and other stakeholders through multiple channels.

For example, Coca-Cola Bottling United’s people team is responsible for knowing of any and all threats that could impact the company or safety of its employees.

“Severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms, threatens our business every year, but our ability to keep track of these events and inform employees at a moment’s notice became increasingly challenging,” said Gianetta Jones, Vice President and Chief People Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling United. “AlertMedia helps us identify and respond to disruptive events in real-time, and we’re now better able to take proactive measures to ensure our employees stay safe and out of harm’s way no matter the emergency.”

By combining AlertMedia’s emergency communication and threat intelligence solutions, organisations can benefit from the following:

  • Faster, analyst-vetted intelligence: Every threat delivered by AlertMedia is independently verified by highly-trained experts and categorised by type, severity, and location, giving you the ability to easily filter and set specific alert preferences for each event type.
  • Expert analysis from trusted sources: Receive vetted alerts by highly trained analysts with decades of combined experience monitoring and delivering threat intelligence for the CIA, FBI, US Army, and many of the world’s largest corporations.
  • Real-time coverage of a wide variety of events: Improve situational awareness with faster detection of critical events, transportation disruptions, security incidents, public demonstrations, environmental hazards, public health emergencies, and more.
  • Streamlined response workflows: Navigate the entire lifecycle of a threat from detection to resolution from a single, intuitive platform. Accelerate communication tasks with a fully integrated emergency communication solution.
  • Impact assessment: Understand your organisation’s exposure with a clear picture of exactly who and what is impacted based on the locations of your people or assets.
  • Automatic alerts to targeted groups: Create automatic, triggered actions that send real-time threat warnings to admins, or directly to employees in close proximity to a nearby threat.
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