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Armstrong Fluid Technology launches cloud-based Fire Manager for advanced fire pump management

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Toronto-based Armstrong Fluid Technology introduces innovative cloud service for fire safety systems

On 22 January 2024, Armstrong Fluid Technology announced the launch of its new cloud-based service, Fire Manager, aimed at enhancing the performance of its Design Envelope Fire Pumps through Active Performance Management.

This service stands out for its ability to proactively monitor pump performance, offering early diagnostic warnings and timely automated reports.

These features are designed to empower customers with the information necessary to make prompt decisions that ensure the optimal and safest operation of fire safety systems.

Key features and benefits

Fire Manager is equipped with several functionalities, including the recording of municipal supply pressure, digital documentation of pump operations, pump analytics, and condition-based maintenance support.

It alerts users to potential issues in pump performance, thereby enhancing both reliability and safety with real-time and historical test and performance data.

Mike DeMille, Global Offering Manager – Fire Products at Armstrong, stated: “When combined with Armstrong’s self-regulating, variable speed fire pumps, Fire Manager helps deliver several unique points of value to fire-safety professionals.”

He highlighted the benefits such as cost savings from reduced need for PRVs, space savings, simpler installation processes, and improved safety through the prediction of equipment failures.

Innovations in fire safety and compliance

Furthermore, Armstrong’s Design Envelope Fire Pumps are the first self-regulating variable-speed fire pump units that comply with NFPA-20 (2019 Edition), Section 4.8 standards.

This not only marks a significant innovation in fire safety technology but also ensures that Armstrong’s customers receive unparalleled performance and value from their fire safety systems at every building lifecycle phase.

DeMille concluded, “Through Active Performance Management and Armstrong 360 Service and Support solutions, customers will get the best possible performance and value from fire safety systems.”

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