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ASFP crowns annual Regatta Challenge winner

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The ASFP Regatta Challenge brings together teams in a test of skill and teamwork

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) hosted their annual Regatta Challenge on 21 June.

Embarking from the Port Hamble Marina in Portsmouth, the event brought together ASFP staff and members for a unique day of team-building at sea.

The day culminated with a thrilling race where 12 yachts competed for the prestigious ASFP Regatta Challenge Cup Trophy.

Corrosion Resistant Products excel in the Regatta Challenge

This year’s Regatta Challenge saw intense competition, with the Corrosion Resistant Products yacht emerging victorious.

Securing the second spot was a yacht crewed by members and guests from Consort Insurance, R Lewis, Revolutionary Systems and Remote Monitoring.

A team comprising members from Minster, DHA Firestopping and Promat managed to secure the third position.

ASFP Regatta Challenge: a day of sail training and team-building

The eventful day started with a round of introductions before the seven-member teams boarded their Oceanis 37 yachts.

The morning was devoted to intensive sail training, teaching the participants the importance of teamwork under the guidance of each boat’s dedicated skipper.

Post-lunch, the yachts convened for the main event – the race.

The day’s proceedings ended back on dry land with a barbeque, where participants shared their sea-adventures.

The ASFP’s annual Regatta Challenge is open to all, including ASFP member companies, their guests and clients.

This event presents an exceptional opportunity to foster team cohesion, efficiency, and build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues.

Interested parties can find further information or secure a place for the 2024 event by emailing [email protected].

About ASFP

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is an organisation dedicated to the protection of life, property and the environment. They focus on enhancing safety standards and improving the knowledge of the industry through a variety of activities including training and Regatta challenges like the one detailed above.

IFSJ Comment

The Regatta is not only celebrates the winner of the Regatta Challenge but also underscores the value of team-building and cohesion in an industry that prioritises safety. The ASFP’s commitment to fostering camaraderie and skill development is truly commendable.

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