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ASFP reveals 2023 Passive Fire Protection Awards finalists

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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has disclosed the contenders for its esteemed 2023 Passive Fire Protection Awards, in addition to launching a brand-new e-learning initiative directed at passive fire protection installers.

A closer look at the 2023 awards

Scheduled for 23 November at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in London, the award ceremony will not only spotlight the industry champions but also feature Hal Crutten, the comedian, as a special guest speaker.

Each accolade shines a light on outstanding contributions to the passive fire protection realm, acknowledging both corporate entities and individual professionals.

Among the companies shortlisted for prominent awards are:

  • Firesafe Installations, commended for its elaborate £11m project at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
  • Coopers Fire, recognised for their remarkable work in the Great Mosque of Mecca’s Mataf Tunnels.
  • Oak Fire Protection, hailed for its dedicated work at the Tesco Extra Store site in Woolwich, London.

Furthermore, innovations including the Injectaclad SS17 Timber Frame Cavity Barrier and ARC Building Solutions’ TCB Square, both of which significantly advance passive fire protection solutions, are also in contention.

Other notable award categories encompass Best Customer Service, Training and Development of the Year, Highest Engagement of the Year, and Individual Rising Star of the Year.

Reflecting on the significance of the awards, the ASFP Managing Director stated: “The awards highlight excellence in passive fire protection and reward all those who advance the sector.

“All the entries are of the very highest standard. I congratulate all our finalists and look forward to celebrating the winners on the night.”

ASFP’s new training initiative

Complementing its award endeavours, the ASFP has also initiated a ground-breaking e-learning programme: the ASFP Firestopping for Installers course.

Created in tandem with renowned firestopping manufacturers and installer firms, the course is tailored to equip installers with a thorough understanding of firestopping products.

Offered via the AREA 9 Lyceum platform, the training methodology utilises a mix of text, audio, and video to provide a comprehensive overview of typical installation methods.

Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded a “Certificate of Completion”, testifying to their mastery of the learning objectives.

To delve deeper into the specifics of this course or to enrol, readers are encouraged to visit the official ASFP course page.

IFSJ Comment

The proactive efforts of the ASFP underscore the pressing need for enhanced passive fire protection measures in our rapidly evolving urban landscapes.

By not only acknowledging the paragons of the industry but also investing in robust training platforms, the Association reinforces the significance of equipping professionals with the tools and know-how they require.

Such advancements promise to elevate the benchmark of passive fire protection, potentially saving innumerable lives and assets.

About ASFP

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection is a vanguard organisation dedicated to promoting excellence within the passive fire protection sector.

Through its multifaceted approach encompassing awards, training programmes, and continuous industry engagement, the ASFP aims to uplift the standards of fire protection across the built environment.

For more insights, visit their official website.

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