ASFP sets up new headquarters in Coventry, enhancing training capabilities

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The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has announced its relocation to a new head office in Coventry, marking a significant step in its growth and development.

The move to the new premises, which will occur in two phases, is set to enhance the association’s ability to support its members through expanded services and facilities.

New facilities to enhance member support

The first phase of the move has seen the ASFP team settle into the first-floor office space of the new building.

The second phase will introduce the ground floor ASFP Academy, an extensive training facility.

The new premises will not only include office spaces but also feature practical training facilities, catering services, meeting areas, and break-out or rest areas.

Additionally, it will provide a permanent home for the renowned ASFPTV.

ASFP Academy: A hub for training and meetings

The ground floor of the new building, set to open in the second phase, will house the ASFP Academy.

This area is designed to offer comprehensive training facilities, along with the Association’s board room and meeting rooms.

These spaces will be available for both ASFP members and non-members, offering preferential rental rates.

Statement from the managing director

Mike Ward, the Managing Director of ASFP, expressed his enthusiasm about the move: “Having spent several months acquiring and developing our new building to provide modern facilities which will meet the growing needs of the Association and its members, we are excited to finally move into our own office facilities – for the first time in the Association’s history.

“We are hugely grateful to the British Coatings Federation for hosting us in their offices and providing administrative services for the last three years.

However, we feel that the Association is finally coming of age, and we are delighted to finally have ASFP premises of our own.

“We will soon be publishing details of our official opening event and look forward to welcoming members and other stakeholders into our new office facilities and Academy over the coming months.”

Contact details and additional information

From 1 January 2024, the ASFP’s new contact details are: Association for Specialist Fire Protection, Unit A West Oak House, Westwood Business Park, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8HS.

The telephone and email details remain unchanged.

For further information on the ASFP and for passive fire protection training and advice, interested parties are encouraged to visit their website.

IFSJ Comment

The ASFP’s move to a new head office in Coventry represents a noteworthy development in the field of fire protection.

The expansion into a larger space with enhanced facilities, including the ASFP Academy, signifies the Association’s commitment to advancing fire safety education and support for its members.

This transition not only facilitates the provision of comprehensive training but also underscores the ASFP’s role as a central figure in promoting and upholding industry standards.

The move is a reflection of the growth and evolution of the Association, demonstrating its readiness to meet the dynamic needs of the fire protection industry.

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