Association for Project Safety announces regional roadshow series


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Association for Project Safety announces a new series of regional roadshows

The Association for Project Safety (APS) is set to launch a new series of regional roadshows across the country, starting in London at Six Park Place, St James’s, on Thursday, 6 June 2024.

These roadshows aim to address key developments in building safety and introduce an industry-leading register for Principal Designers under the Building Safety Act.

The event in London marks the beginning of a series that will span all six regions APS operates in, offering industry professionals a chance to engage in discussions, share insights, and network in person for the first time since the pandemic began.

Industry-leading register and in-depth discussions

Lesley McLeod, CEO of APS, expressed enthusiasm about the roadshows: “The Association for Project Safety is going back out on the road and is looking forward to evenings with colleagues and friends around the country.

“Attendees can expect comprehensive updates on the latest building regulations and explore the transformative implications of artificial intelligence in construction as well as gain new perspectives on the industry, as a whole.”

Additionally, APS plans to detail its new register for principal designers, aiming to demonstrate their competence in handling the new building regulations duty-holder role.

This register is open to both members and non-members who meet the required skills and experience criteria.

Supporting mental health in the construction sector

In collaboration with the Lighthouse Club Charity, APS also aims to raise awareness about mental health within the construction sector.

Given the limited capacity of the events, those interested in attending are encouraged to secure their spots early by registering at the APS website.

IFSJ Comment

The APS Regional Roadshow represents a timely initiative, reflecting a commitment to advancing building safety standards and professional development in the construction industry.

By facilitating discussions on critical issues and introducing a register for principal designers, APS is addressing both the immediate needs and future challenges of the sector.

The focus on mental health further underscores the holistic approach APS is taking towards industry well-being.

As these roadshows unfold, they are set to offer valuable insights and opportunities for professionals to engage with the latest developments and best practices in building safety.

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