AXA UK introduces body cameras to monitor building remediation works

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AXA UK has started providing body cameras to contractors involved in removing hazardous cladding and insulation from various buildings.

This initiative aims to ensure better monitoring and record-keeping of the essential safety works being conducted, a response to the dire need for improved fire safety in multi-occupancy buildings.

Enhancing safety and transparency in building remediation

The tragedy of Grenfell Tower in 2017, which brought to light the dangers of flammable cladding, has necessitated the remediation of numerous properties across the UK.

AXA UK’s decision to equip contractors with body cameras serves multiple purposes.

Firstly, it allows for the detailed recording of the materials and workmanship involved in the remediation process.

This is crucial for underwriters to accurately assess and price risks associated with these buildings.

Secondly, it addresses the significant challenge of maintaining records of materials used in the construction of multi-occupancy buildings, a problem highlighted by the Grenfell incident.

Previously, the absence of such records made it challenging to identify at-risk buildings and the required replacement materials.

Advanced technology for better risk assessment

The body cameras, specifically Motorola Solutions VT100 models, are equipped with features that enable live streaming, allowing for direct communication with AXA risk engineers if necessary.

All footage is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring the integrity and non-tamperability of the recorded material.

This technology, trusted by emergency services and law enforcement organisations globally, allows workers to record without interrupting their work.

A proactive approach to customer protection and premium management

AXA UK’s initiative also extends to safeguarding its customers by ensuring that remediation work adheres to required standards and uses appropriate materials.

The visual evidence from the body cameras also provides insights into the installation of protection systems like sprinklers and alarms.

The end goal is to make remediated buildings less risky, positively impacting policy premiums.

AXA UK has committed to reducing premiums for buildings that have been renovated, reflecting the reduced risk post-remediation.

IFSJ Comment

AXA UK’s integration of body cameras in building remediation projects is a significant step towards enhancing building safety standards.

This initiative not only ensures more accurate risk assessment and transparent monitoring of remediation work but also demonstrates a proactive approach in addressing a critical issue highlighted by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

By leveraging advanced technology, AXA UK is setting a precedent in the insurance industry for using innovative solutions to manage and mitigate risks associated with building construction and maintenance.

This move could potentially inspire other insurers and stakeholders in the construction and property management sectors to adopt similar measures, contributing to overall improvements in building safety standards and practices.

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