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Bellheim Fire Department Chooses Rosenbauer’s Fire Flex Protective Suits

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Rhineland-Palatinate Fire Service enhances safety with new equipment

The Bellheim Community Fire Department, located in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, has enhanced the safety and efficiency of its firefighters by acquiring 180 sets of the FIRE FLEX protective suits from Rosenbauer.

Quality, comfort, and visibility

This decision came after rigorous testing and evaluations, where various operational clothing from different manufacturers were put through their paces.

The Bellheim Fire Department, which responds to approximately 100-120 operations annually, required top-notch equipment for its wide range of tasks.

Deputy Chief J├╝rgen Brinz highlighted the superior qualities of the FIRE FLEX suits, stating: “We have tested different operational clothing during training exercises and also, in some cases, in operations under real conditions.

“The FIRE FLEX from Rosenbauer was the most impressive for us.”

He emphasised the improved visibility, fit, and comfort of the FIRE FLEX suits compared to their existing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Prioritizing Safety with High-Performance Rosenbauer Materials

The choice of FIRE FLEX suits aligns with the department’s commitment to the highest safety standards.

The suits combine high-level heat protection, water resistance, and breathability, critical for the diverse and challenging tasks firefighters face.

Brinz said: “The safety of the crews deployed is, of course, the most important aspect.

“Accordingly, the personal protective equipment must be of the highest quality in terms of the materials used.”

Efficient delivery and positive experience with Rosenbauer

The Bellheim Fire Department’s experience with Rosenbauer has been consistently positive, extending beyond the FIRE FLEX suits.

They have also been using technical equipment and the ‘HEROS smart’ protective helmet from Rosenbauer, contributing to their operational success.

The efficient ordering and delivery process of the FIRE FLEX suits further reinforced this partnership, with Brinz noting: “We were then once again pleasantly surprised, because the delivery arrived even before the agreed date.”

Successful deployment of new suits

In their initial operations, the new FIRE FLEX protective suits have already proven to be robust and practical.

This acquisition marks a significant enhancement in the safety and performance of the Bellheim Fire Department, demonstrating their commitment to the well-being of their firefighters.

IFSJ Comment

The acquisition of 180 FIRE FLEX protective suits by the Bellheim Community Fire Department signifies a vital step in advancing firefighter safety and operational efficiency.

This decision, driven by extensive testing and evaluation, reflects a broader trend in the firefighting community towards prioritising high-quality, versatile, and comfortable protective gear.

The FIRE FLEX suits, distinguished by their high protection class and breathability, address key challenges faced by firefighters, such as heat exposure and the need for mobility.

Rosenbauer’s role in this transition, evident from the positive feedback on both the FIRE FLEX suits and other equipment like the ‘HEROS smart’ helmet, is noteworthy.

Their ability to deliver high-quality equipment promptly further cements their reputation as a reliable partner in firefighting safety.

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